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Nominating Committee

Nominations for the Church Nominating Committee

  • You may nominate up to seven (7) church members to serve on the Nominating Committee. The description of the Nominating Committee as stated in the church By-laws is:

    This Committee shall consist of seven (7) members nominated by the Church as a whole. The person receiving the most votes in each of the following age categories shall be nominated: 20-35 years, 36-50 years, 51-65 years, 66 plus years. The fifth member shall be the person receiving the second most votes in the age group that represents the largest population of the church as a whole. The final two (2) members shall be at-large and represent the next highest votes. In case of a tie, attendance at LifeGroups the prior twelve months and individuals not serving on standing committees already shall govern. This committee shall bring to the church for separate votes, no later than the 4th quarter Church Family Conference, nominees for the standing committees (including chairs), trustees and church clerk with the proviso that nominations may be made from the floor.
    The Nominating Committee is charged with bringing before the church the nominations for any needed changes in the standing committees and nominations for Church Clerk and Trustees during the 4th quarter Church Family Conference.
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