Live Stream

Live Stream

Join us live each Sunday this summer at 9:30 am. If you'd like to speak to a pastor about a decision you need to make for the Lord, please fill out a Response Card here and we'll follow up with you.


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Wednesday Night Adult Gathering

FBC Adult Gatherings on Wednesdays.
July 8 -12

Summer Music & Arts Camp

Pre-K through 6th Grade Summer Camp is now available! Register Today!
February 2-4, 2024

Sky Ranch Family Retreat

Family Discipleship for Mom's, Dad's, Teens, and First Kids!
Sunday, December 24, 2023

Worship Service & Fellowship

Celebrate Christmas and fellowship with us!
Student Ministry

Fall Retreat

Registration is now open for 2022 Student Ministry Fall Retreat.

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Previous Sermon


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First Baptist Longview is a family of believers committed to sharing Jesus Christ with the world in hopes that each person will accept His unconditional offer of grace. Our vision is Jesus Christ, our mission is people, and our cause is love. 

Sunday Worship Service

9:30 AM | Sanctuary

Worship @ 9:30

10:45 AM | Beaty Christian Education Building

LifeGroups for All Ages

Church Events

every sunday | 10:45a | bceb & hub


RESUMING AUG 23 | 5:45-7:15p | Great Hall

The Table



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Puertas Abiertas

Nos encontramos en la First Baptist Church of Longview, en el BCEB Teatro. Te esperamos! Tu presencia es importante para Dios. Esta es tu casa!

Nuestros Servicios
Oración 5:30am - 6:30 (En BCEB Teatro)

Jueves: Oración 5:30am - 6:30 (En BCEB Teatro)                                                                             Estudio Biblico 6:30pm (En BCEB Teatro)

Sabados: Oración 5:00am- 6:00 / 6:00am-7:00 (En BCEB Teatro)

Domingo: Servicio General 11:00am (En BCEB Teatro)

Wee Learn

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The Wee Learn Center

As an outreach of First Baptist Church of Longview, Texas, the Wee Learn Center was developed to help children grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically. Because the most influential years of a young child are from birth to 6 years, the Wee Learn Center holds ministering to children as a top priority. What they learn during their first years will shape their attitudes about themselves and everyone around them. Although our school is open to any child regardless of race or religious beliefs, we believe faith and education go hand in hand to glorify God.


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College Ministry

The College Ministry at First Baptist Longview is dedicated to loving God and our neighbors. We are constantly finding new ways to serve our community, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and give our students opportunities to grow in discipleship with other believers. We focus on building an authentic community that sets aside our phones, masks and status to bring glory to God. The College Ministry at First Baptist meets in the Beaty Christian Education Building in Room 320, at the corner of Cotton and Fredonia St. in downtown Longview.


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Special Friends

Special Friends Ministry is focused on meeting the spiritual needs of adults living in group homes in Longview and the surrounding area. Each Sunday at 10:00 a.m. men from the House of Disciples lead praise and worship, followed by a Bible study, then prayer. Refreshments are served after each service. Lunch is served once monthly at the end of the service. On a different Sunday each month, we acknowledge and celebrate birthdays with cake. We strive to provide a place for Special Friends to learn about God’s Word and grow spiritually, as we believe there are no disabled souls.