C L I C K   O N   T H E   P I C T U R E   A B O V E   T O   F I N D    O U T   M O R E    I N F O R M A T I O N

THE R.O.C. (Recreation Outreach Center) is owned and operated by the First Baptist Church of Longview.  The Recreation Center has a full size indoor basketball gymnasium.  In addition the facility has an indoor walking track, a rowing machine, LifeFitness cardio equipment with I-phone connectors for your convenience to listen to your own music and charge your battery at the same time.  Cardio machines have fans and a television with headphone jacks for your listening privacy.  Each TV is connected to the DISH Network and each has it's own remote for you to watch the station of your choice.  The facility also has Cybex pin select weight machines, stability balls, dumbbells, isometric machines, a heavy bag and a speed bag.    

Not interested in working out?  We have you covered.  Just kick back in our Lounge area while the kids play on the X Box 360 or any of the games in our game room.  We have a free public Wi-Fi where you can catch up on the latest.  The Church has graciously provided computers and a computer lab is available for you or you children to search the web.  If you desire your children 10 and above are allowed to work in the computer lab while you are in another part of the facility.  You may also take the children to the fenced playground area while you supervise their play.  While at the R.O.C. children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian unless they are enrolled in a Church sponsored activity.

In addition to the above the facility has a variety of classrooms for business meetings, Bible studies, family get togethers, birthdays, baby or wedding showers etc.  Weddings and receptions are all held at the FBC Great Hall.


6am-8pm Monday
6am-8pm Tuesday
6am-5pm Wednesday
6am-8pm Thursday
6am-5pm Friday


The R.O.C. Caters to individuals that are interested in the Christian lifestyle.  Those that are not Christians are welcome to be members as long as they respect the values of the Christian faith.


NON-FBCL members: $100 per year each January and prorated throughout the year.  In addition a $20 one time fee is charged to run a background check.  Your children under 18 are free but must be accompanied by a parent or adult  .  Membership for your spouse is an additional $10 membership fee plus a $20 fee for a background check. Due to privacy laws children that live at home that are over 18 and still in school also require a background check at the cost of $20 each.   The R.O.C. is a family friendly facility.   Families are encouraged to come to the R.O.C. to spend time playing together. Even though the R.O.C. is a safe zone. Parents are encouraged to always be familiar with their childrens whereabouts.  Children may use the computer lab or play in the gym while parents are on the cardio or weight equipment.  The R.O.C. is working on a family friendly weight room where parents can work out with their children.  Children are not allowed on the facilities cardio equipment or inside the adult weight room.  Running is allowed in the gymnasium but not in the hallways, steps, ramps or cafe area.  

COST NOW DURING OCTOBER, NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER  IS $25 + $20 BACKGROUND FEE = $45 FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR FOR ONE PERSON.  New memberships start over in January 2015 @ $100 for the year, a second background is not required.


Individuals that belong to FBC or are R.O.C. members can rent parts of the facility.  Certain non-profit groups that do work to help the community also may rent certain parts of the facility.  For rental fees, call 903.758.0680. 

The Facility is not available for public or secular events


$15  a one time fee

The Recreational Outreach Center is owned and operated by FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH LONGVIEW.  It is designed as a safe place for you to bring family and friends to have everything from parties, sports, activities, family events, and church activities. We strongly encourage FBCL families to utilize the facility to bring family and friends to this Christ centered facility to minister, fellowship or just enjoy a comfortable place to feel the presence of God. The R.O.C. provides rooms for birthday parties of all ages, baby showers, family get togethers, or just a place of fellowship, to eat lunch or drink coffee.  Because tithes and offerings operate the facility, members of FBCL may use any area of the facility for 2 hours during the day at no cost, to host small parties.  This offer does not exclude other ROC members from being in the building, walking through or also using the area (gymnasium).  For use after hours or weekends, a fee will be imposed for use due to extra non-budgeted worker salaries.

  During the day the R.O.C. is open to its regular members and therefore major areas cannot be shutdown for your event, members may enter the  area even though one may have rented it for a party.  

Indoor bounce houses are available for use during your party for a fee of $100 each.  The bounce houses are inspected and licensed by the state.  Bounce houses can only be set up in the gymnasium and a staff member must be present during use.  Outdoors we have a fenced in playground where parents can supervise their children's play time.

SKATE PARK OPEN, MONDAY NIGHT, THURSDAY NIGHT AND SUNDAY AFTERNOON.  Call 903.742.5401 for more information on the skate park.  The skate park is open to the public at no cost.  A liability waiver must be signed before anyone can skate.  Donnie De La Cruz is the skate park minister.