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Women today have a need to connect, build relationships and express themselves.  Through our women's ministry we want to provide women with opportunities to meet together and experience knowing each other through purposeful relationships, events and activities that will allow us to build and deepen bonds of friendship, soften our hearts toward God and encourage growth in all areas of our lives.  Come and join us!


Mission Statement

Our mission is to honor God by reaching out in love to ladies of all ages in our church and community by providing them with opportunities to grow in or know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We realize this mission of honoring God is possibly only by us first developing our own relationship with the Lord, and then by earnestly seeking the Lord’s guidance for this ministry.  We are committed to serving women with love, respect, words of encouragement, and a tender push toward Christ.

Women's Ministry Council:

Libby Black
Teri Crowson
Tena Crutcher
Krista Darr
Sheryl Driggers
Eileen Harpster
Julee Rachels
Melanie Roudkovski
Lisa Ross
Carrie Walls 
Angela Webster
If you feel led to serve on our Women's Ministry Council, please contact Julee.This council rotates on a   1-year and 2-year basis and we would love to visit with you about rotating in. The council meets quarterly and we strive to have women of our church in all stages of life represented.